Lilette’s love of gathering people together around a table radiates through in her recipes. Her cookbook is inspired by her childhood in Mauritius – the light breeze whistling through the mango trees, the heat of the sunshine, hour upon hour playing on the beach, big noisy dinner parties and trips to the local food market in Port Louis.

Lilette’s grandfather, a Southern Indian named Saravanah “Sam” Moorghen, and his cousins owned a row of shops in the market and Lilette would go there every Saturday morning. She’d drink tea, demolish chilli cakes, and watch her grandfather sell spices – memorising the name and smell of each one.

Having been brought up in a home where large mealtimes (with family, friends and neighbours were always invited), Lilette adored the array of home-cooked curries, fish, rice, chapatis and pickles. However, her mother – a wonderful cook – wanted Lilette to swap the kitchen for studying. Her parents encouraged her ambition and so at the age of just seventeen, Lilette moved to the UK to read law at City University. She funded her education by working tirelessly, working in a hotel and sharing a room with five other chambermaids. However, Lilette still struggled to make ends meet, so dropped out of her law course and switched to nursing at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping.

When her children were born, Lilette endeavoured to make fresh, healthy meals for the family. She taught herself to cook, visiting Southern Indian supermarkets, buying the spices she recognised and experimenting with the tastes and textures she’d known so well as a child.

Now grown up, Lilette’s children have always adored her cooking, as does her husband, Rashid. To Lilette, cooking is about providing for her family and delighting friends. When she visits Mauritius, she loves the hustle and bustle of the races, the buzz of the markets, the taste of the street food and visiting friends and family.

It is these little puzzle pieces of her life that come together to bring you a recipe book that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

A self-taught and passionate cook, Lilette was asked by her daughter to gather a collection of recipes together for her birthday. Her natural knack for cooking and combining different ingredients meant that Lilette’s Kitchen was born, and she couldn’t be happier to share it with you all to enjoy it too!

- Lilette Ebrahimkhan -

“This book has been a labour of love – a birthday present to my daughter and a thank-you gift to all my family for inspiring and supporting me. It’s also a tribute to my Mauritian mother, who passed away before my children were born. She couldn’t keep me out of the kitchen after all. I wish she could have enjoyed my cooking the way I enjoyed hers.”

Meet Lilette

Lilette’s Kitchen is published.


Lilette wins The Great British Care Award for her work supporting people towards the end of their life.


Lilette’s grandson was born, making her a doting grand-mére.


She opened Bay Hotel in Mauritius with husband, Rashid.


Mauritius became a Republic within the Commonwealth.


Lilette’s children visited Mauritius for the first time.


She opened the first care home in England.


Her children were born, bringing joy and happiness.


Lilette qualified as a Registered Nurse and began working in St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping.


Lilette returned to Mauritius for the first time in four years.


“It was the saddest day in my life. Not only that, but I had also never lived away from home, never mind another country. It was not financially easy for my parents to send me abroad. My father sold a property at a very reduced price as he needed the money to pay the fees. I knew I had to succeed as my parents had so much faith in me – I said I would work very hard to make them proud and not regret the sacrifice they made.”

Lilette & family the day Lilette left Mauritius

Lilette travels to England to study, leaving her parents and sister, Jo, in Mauritius.


Mauritius gained independence.


Lilette was born to parents, Odile and Paul Zaire

Mid 1950s

How it all started

Mauritius will entice you beyond the beach for many reasons, including its famous equestrian history and winter horse racing. Renowned as the island’s most famous and highly attended sporting event of the entire year, The Champ de Mars Racecourse is the oldest continual used horsetrack in the southern hemisphere. Located in the capital of Port Louis, the track is a huge hub of entertainment for the population and foreigners.

Champ de Mars is recognised for its vibrant and contagious atmosphere, luring crowds in from all over the island. From March through to December, the event draws up to 75,000 spectators to each race day - particularly to see The Maiden Cup, which is Mauritius' most prestigious race.

The racetrack itself is just a stone’s throw from the grandstand, adding to excitement from spectators. It is just one of the very few racecourses in the world where you can walk onto the track and lead the winning horse back to the paddock. Champ de Mars is often seen as a traditional family day out, with generations from one to the next becoming race-goers with bets being able to be placed starting at the equivalent of 50p!

Mauritius Fact

with pockets of foodie paradise throughout. 

This cookbook will transport you straight from the kitchen to the warm welcome of Mauritius, brimming

This cookbook will transport you straight from the kitchen to the warm welcome of Mauritius, brimming with pockets of foodie paradise throughout. 

You’ll find over 30 Mauritian recipes, from Spinach and Dal Curry to Lobster Madras with Coconut Milk. The delicious selection of home-cooked recipes are made for celebrations, grab-and-go dinners and intimate suppers. While every recipe offers something different, one thing will remain the same: they are designed to be devoured, savoured and remembered.

The recipes delve beyond the surface of Mauritius and offer a heart-warming glimpse into the island and the UK. Delight your palate with spice-laden, invigorating recipes that will always leave you wanting more.

There’s a meaning behind every mouthful, thought in every flavour and passion poured throughout the pages. Lilette has carefully captured the essence of Mauritian cooking, with every plate telling the story of her roots, culture and the history of the island. Lilette’s Kitchen is about the importance of celebrating ‘togetherness’ and quite simply, sharing good food with good company.

The Recipes

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36 mouth-watering recipes
Hunger-inducing food photography
A slice of culture, cuisine and history
The opportunity to share Lilette’s love of food, friends and family
A must-have cookbook for your kitchen






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